Udon and Udon soup

Udon soup is made from kelp and bonito flakes.

Kelp is dried seaweed.

Bonito flakes are smoked fish.

Why do we use kelp and bonilto flakes?

Because we get sodium glutamate from kelp and sodium inosinate . These make a delicious soup.


It is the way the soup is made. The kelp is put overmight in water. The next morning, it is billed over the fire.

Next, we take out the kelp. Then, we put in the bonito flakes.

You stop the fire when it becomes a delicious soup.


You put sugar, salt, and soy sauca in this soup. This is udon soup.


Udon is made with brine and flour. Knead the flour and salt, and we it will become Udon dough.

We put udon cloth overmight.

The next morning, and then cut the dough. This is the Udon.

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