Kendonya's introduction

Kendonya's Owner 

He worked in an udon restaurant when he was 20 years old. He worked in an udon chain restaurant for 5 years. And he worked in a pribvete udon restaurant for 5 years. He became independent when he was 30 years old. He is an udon chef who never stops trying to make more delicious noodls.

Mutter of Kendonya's owner

We say, Kendonya is handmade udon noodles restaurant, but we have a rice bowl and set menu. What these all have in common is that you can find them in a cheep restaurant. 

I thank that noodles are food of the common people, so anyone can eat them easily. Because our objective is good taste, our quality control is thorough. Everything is important.


I want to make delicious handmade udon noodles. I want to make the kind of udon that could win against that of a 3-star restaurant. I do my best every day. 

His name is "Tamaemon".

This cat is Kendonya's mascot.

He is Kendonya's original "Maneki Neko" (lucky cat).

His name is "Tamaemon".

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